Naughty Marietta


Victor Herbert’s operetta NAUGHTY MARIETTA is set in New Orleans in 1780. The story follows Captain Richard Warrington, who is commissioned to capture the mysterious French pirate who calls himself Bras Priqué, and how a beautiful runaway who calls herself Naughty Marietta, complicates this task.

Photo by Susan Johnson Hanlon – Skylark Opera

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  • Originally produced in New York, this operetta became Victor Herbert’s greatest success. Set in New Orleans in 1780, it tells how Captain Richard Warrington is commissioned to unmask and capture a notorious French pirate calling himself ‘Bras Pique’- and how he is helped and hindered by a high-spirited runaway Contessa Marietta. The score includes many well-known songs, including “Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life,” popularized by Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy in the film adaptation.

    A Comic Opera
    Music by Victor Herbert
    Book and Lyrics by Rida Johnson Young

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  • Full Instrumentation

    2       Violin I
    1       Violin II
    1       Viola
    1       Cello
    1       Bass

    2       Flute I & II (Flute II doubles Piccolo)
    1       Oboe
    2       Clarinet I & II (in Bb)
    1       Bassoon

    2       Horn I & II (in F)
    2       Trumpet I & II (in Bb)
    1       Trombone

    1       Percussion: Timpani (2), Bass Drum w/Cymbal, Snare Drum, Triangle, Tambourine, Castanets, Bells, Xylophone & Church Bell (or Gong).

    1       Harp

      Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with the rehearsal material.

  • 1       Piano Conductor’s Score
    1       Prompt Book for Director
    13     Prompt Books for Cast
    7       Vocal Parts for Principal Characters
    25     Chorus Parts

    Etienne Grandet, son of Acting-Governor Granet,
    he is also the privateer “Bras Pique” Baritone
    1st Pirate Speaking role
    Pierre La Farge, envoy from Napolean Speaking role
    Sister Domenique, chaperone of the Casquette Girls Speaking role
    1st, 2nd, 3rd Casquette Girls Speaking roles
    Captain Richard Warrington of Kentucky Romantic tenor
    Sgt. Harry Blake of the Rangers, born in Ireland Major speaking role, Irish accent
    1st Ranger Speaking role
    Marietta D’Altena, a runaway countess,
    Disguised as a casquette girl Lyric-coloratora soprano
    Town Crier Baritone
    1st Flower Girl Soprano
    2nd Flower Girl Mezzo-soprano
    Flower Vendor Baritone
    Parakeet Seller Tenor
    Fruit Vendor Bass or baritone
    Sugarcane Vendor Tenor
    1st, 2nd, 3rd Citizens Speaking roles
    Adah Le Clercq, Etienne’s quadroon mistress Mezzo-soprano
    Scipio, her slave Super
    Acting-Governor Grandit Baritone, comic
    Florenze Speaking role
    Pvt. SILAS SLICK, a young Ranger Singer-dancer, high baritone
    Thomas Bailey, a Ranger spy Speaking role
    Mére Marie, a conjure woman Mezzo-soprano, major singing

  • NAUGHTY MARIETTA opened on Broadway at the New York Theatre on November 7, 1910 and played for 136 performances starring Emma Trentini in the title role and Orville Harrold as Captain Warrington. It has been revived several times and was transformed into an MGM movie in 1935 starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

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